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The Coolest Airport Ever

14 hour layover in Singapore, all at the airport


I landed in Singapore around 2am, local time, and having slept for the majority of the flight from Tokyo decided to wander the terminals. That early in the morning, there is not a whole lot going on in most airports. People wise, the same was true here. A few people wandering around but most were sleeping using a variety of chairs, benches, and sleeping positions. Luckily, the Singapore airport has a plethora of attractions.

In terminal 2, I found the Enchanted Garden and the Orchid Garden, each with their own Koi pond. They were both located in the middle of the concourse and it was nice being able to wander them without any other people. Attached to terminal 2 is the Sunflower Garden, where I got my first dose of heat and humidity. Walking outside, it instantly reminded me of when I arrived in India two summers ago. Hot and humid. Oh yeah, I also found life size M&Ms.

90_74D5D3CF2219AC68172BED261F822B20.jpg 2014_0422_12301100.jpg 90_74C821AC2219AC68172D7DF160A17021.jpg 90_74D256142219AC6817C9DF6A1F39D4D4.jpg

Terminal 1 also has an outdoor garden that I wandered in the dark. The entire thing was full of cacti. Thankfully I stayed on the path and avoided all of the prickly plants.


Following a nap, it was finally light outside so I I went to check out the Butterfly Garden in terminal 3. Yes, you read that correctly, there is a butterfly sanctuary in the airport.

2014_0422_16491500.jpg 2014_0422_16592500.jpg IMG_20140423_104631.jpg

I also came across the Social Tree. I didn't take the time to find out what it's function is, but it looked cool.


Following some breakfast and coffee, it was a little after 10. Six hours until my flight. So I paid 10 bucks and headed to the pool to read for a few hours.

2014_0422_18243800.jpg FB_IMG_13982258337926945.jpg

Its about time for the last leg of my trip to Bali. Hopefully from here on I won't be posting quiet as often because I'll be out adventuring instead of sitting in airports.

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